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Where you have a question about the suitability or safety of your water, there is often a set of answers that may in some instances not even include analysis of the water. Tastes, odours and some health symptoms caused by several bacteria or chemicals are well known. If one of our staff cannot answer your questions we will direct you to a professional that can.

Test suites

We have test suites for the analysis of a wide range of samples. These would be tailored to your specific needs and may contain both microbiological and chemical tests. Due to the range of information typically needed to determine the most suitable combination of tests it is best to contact us.


We can provide suitable containers, chilly bins and instructions for sampling where clients are eager to do their own monitoring. A shortened guide to what is involved is on our downloads page.

Turitea dam

We provide sampling and monitoring services for private and corporate clients in the Manawatu. The integrity of samples are the first step to sensible results. Our samplers are available to collect and co-ordinate samples for CEL and other laboratories related to water testing.

Other Services
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